Albania (AL)

Capital: Tirana (population: 0.88 mill.)

Area: 28748 km2

Population: 3.09 mill.

Industries: Construction industry, manufacturing industry

Austria (AT)

Capital: Vienna (population: 1.65 mill.)

Area: 83871 km2

Population: 8.26 mill.

Industries: engineering, metal production, food, wood industry, paper products, chemical industry

Bosnia-Herzegowina (BA)

Capital: Sarajevo (population: 0.74 mill.)

Area: 51129 km2

Population: 4.03 mill.

Industries: metallurgy, armaments industry

Belgium (BE)

Capital: Bruxelles (population: 0.14 mill.)

Area: 32545 km2

Population: 10.38 mill.

Industries: manufacturing industry, diamond industry

Bulgaria (BG)

Capital: Sofia (population: 1.15 mill.)

Area: 110994 km2

Population: 7.72 mill.

Industries: machine industry, chemical industry, food industry, wine industry, metal-working industry

Switzerland (CH)

Capital: Berne (population: 0.13 mill.)

Area: 41285 km2

Population: 7.48 mill.

Industries: chemical & pharmaceutical industries, food industry, engineering, manufacture of precision instruments, clocks

Cyprus (CY)

Capital: Nicosia (population: 0.22 mill.)

Area: 9251 km2

Population: 757 000

Industries: clothing, beverages, chemical industry

Czech Republic (CZ)

Capital: Prague (population: 1.84 mill.)

Area: 78864 km2

Population: 10.27 mill.

Industries: mechanical engineering, metal-working industry, textile products, brewery

Germany (DE)

Capital: Berlin (population: 3.40 mill.)

Area: 357050 km2

Population: 82.37 mill.

Industries: chemical & pharmaceutical industry, automobile industry, machine industry, metallurgy, shipbuilding, aviation, telecommunications, electronics, medical technology, brewing, fine mechanics

Denmark (DK)

Capital: Copenhagen (population: 0.50 mill.)

Area: 43094 km2

Population: 5.43 mill.

Industries: beverage industry, food industry, chemical industry, shipbuilding, mechanical engineering, communication technologies, medical technologies

Estonia (EE)

Capital: Talinn (population: 0.40 mill.)

Area: 45227 km2

Population: 1.35 mill.

Industries: mechanical engineering, electrical engineering


Capital: Madrid (population: 3.15 mill.)

Area: 504782 km2

Population: 44.11 mill.

Industries: automobile industry, shipbuilding, chemical & pharmaceutical industry

Finland (FI)

Capital: Helsinki (population: 0.56 mill.)

Area: 338145 km2

Population: 5.25 mill.

Industries: wood industry, paper industry, electronics

France (FR)

Capital: Paris (population: 2.14 mill.)

Area: 672352 km2 (incl. suburbs)

Population: 60.66 mill.

Industries: food industry, transport industry, mechanical engineering, electronics, chemical & pharmaceutical industry, metal-working industry, aviation

Great Britain (GB)

Capital: London (population: 7.42 mill.)

Area: 244820 km2

Population: 60.21 mill.

Industries: chemical & pharmaceutical industry, steel industry, mining, shipbuilding, textile industry, automobile industry

Greece (GR)

Capital: Athens (population: 0.75 mill.)

Area: 131990 km2

Population: 11.10 mill.

Industries: production and manufacture of food and metal, textiles, petroleum; machines and transportations

Croatia (HR)

Capital: Zagreb (population: 2.55 mill.)

Area: 56542 km2

Population: 4.45 mill.

Industries: Petroleum, natural gas, coal mining, food and textile industries, chemical industry, metal-working industry, shipbuilding

Hungary (HU)

Capital: Budapest (population: 1.70 mill.)

Area: 93030 km2

Population: 10.08  mill.

Industries: mechanical engineering, chemical & pharmaceutical industries, food industry

Ireland (IE)

Capital: Dublin (population: 0.51 mill.)

Area: 70280 km2

Population: 4.23 mill.

Industries: medical technologies, metal-working industry, electronics, mechanical engineering, food industry, pharmaceutical industry

Iceland (IS)

Capital: Reykjavik (population: 0.11 mill.)

Area: 102927 km2

Population: 304 334

Industries: fishing

Italy (IT)

Capital: Rome (population: 2.55 mill.)

Area: 301336 km2

Population: 58.75 mill.

Industries: chemical & pharmaceutical industry, medical technologies, automobile industry, clothing industry, food industry, telecommunications

Liechtenstein (LI)

Capital: Vaduz (population: 5019)

Area: 160 km2

Population: 0.03 mill.

Industries: tool industry, food industry

Lithuania (LT)

Capital: Vilnia (population: 0.55 mill.)

Area: 65301 km2

Population: 3.39 mill.

Industries: mechanical engineering, food industry, metal-working industry

Luxembourg (LU)

Capital: Luxembourg (population: 78329)

Area: 2586 km2

Population: 0.47 mill.

Industries: steel industry, chemical industry, textile industry, paper and print industry, mechanical engineering, food industry, metal-working industry

Latvia (LV)

Capital: Riga (population: 0.73)

Area: 64589 km2

Population: 2.29 mill.

Industries: wood-working industry, textile industry, food industry, mechanical engineering, chemical industry

Monaco (MC)

Capital: Monaco (population: 33000 )

Area: 1,95 km2

Population: 0.33 mill.

Industries: -

Macedonia (MK)

Capital: Skopje (population: 0.51 mill.)

Area: 25333 km2

Population: 2.06 mill.

Industries: mining, iron smelting, chemical industry, textile industry

The Netherlands (NL)

Capital: Amsterdam (population: 0.74 mill.)

Area: 41526 km2

Population: 16.34 mill.

Industries: petrochemical industry, electronics, chemical & pharmaceutical industry, medical products, shipbuilding

Poland (PL)

Capital: Varsovia (population: 1.65 mill.)

Area: 312685 km2

Population: 38.56 mill.

Industries: automobile industry, electronic industry, medical products

Portugal (PT)

Capital: Lisbon (population: 0.52 mill.)

Area: 92345 km2

Population: 10.54 mill.

Industries: automobile industry, wine industry, clothing industry

Rumania (RO)

Capital: Bucharest (population: 2.08 mill.)

Area: 238391 km2

Population: 21.27 mill.

Industries: automobile industry, chemical industry

Sweden (SE)

Capital: Stockholm (population: 0.77 mill.)

Area: 449964 km2

Population: 9.08 mill.

Industries: metal-working industry, wood-working industry, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, textile industry

Slovenia (SI)

Capital: Ljubljana (population: 0.27 mill.)

Area: 20273 km2

Population: 2.00 mill.

Industries: metal-working industry, wood-working industry

Slovakia (SK)

Capital: Bratislava (population: 0.43 mill.)

Area: 49035 km2

Population: 5.43 mill.

Industries: agriculture and forestry, manufacturing industry

Turkey (TR)

Capital: Ankara (population: 4.32 mill.)

Area: 779452 km2

Population: 70.41 mill.

Industries: textile industry, manufacturing industry

Serbia (YU)

Capital: Belgrade (population: 1.37 mill.)

Area: 88361 km2

Population: 10.21 mill.

Industries: viniculture, agriculture